House of Love.

Homemade valentines are simple and fun.

Felt fortune cookies. These are quick and super easy to make.




Pipe cleaners

Glue gun..with glue!


First decide on how large you would like your fortune cookie. I thought the size of a wide mouth canning jar was perfect for me. I traced it out on one piece of felt. We used that piece as a guide for cutting all the circles we needed.


Next, we cut all the pipe cleaners into fourths


When the circles and pipe cleaners were all cut, we glued a piece of the pip cleaner in the center.


While the glue dried we printed and cut out our fortunes.


These were what we put in our fortunes:

The greatest gift is love.

Those who have love, have wealth beyond measure.

A great person was born on your birthday-YOU!

Follow your dreams – you can be anything you want to be.

People like your smile.

Humor works at the moment of awkwardness.

You are far more influential than you think.

Common sense is instinct, and enough of it is genius.

One who admires you greatly is hidden before your eyes.

Your parents thank their lucky stars for you

Count your blessings by thinking of those whom you love.

Pray for what you want, but work for things you need.

Your many hidden talents will become obvious to those around you.

A warm smile is a testimony of a generous nature.

You are one of those people who will go places.

Integrity is the essence of everything successful.

Never lose the ability to find beauty in ordinary things.

Excitement and intrigue follow you closely wherever you go.

Love cures people-both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.

To love another person is to see the face of God. -Les Miserables

Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition. – Alexander Smith

Valentine, you make my cookie crumble.

After the glue dried, we took a fortune, folded it in half and placed it in the center, running along the pipe cleaner. (It’s okay for them to stick out, you want them too)



Then we pressed firmly in the center of the pipe cleaner, shaping it into a fortune cookie.


Seriously, they  are  THAT easy!

I purchased 2.5 yards of felt and that made 300 fortune cookies….holy cow! This was a fun cheap project that took about an hour and a half from start to finish.

Scratch and Reveal Valentines



printed out valentines from

pens for writing on the valentines

1 bottle gold craft paint ( I used FolkArt 1654 Metallic Pure Gold)

dish soap

paint brush

clear contact paper


I wanted something fun to go with our fortune cookies. I thought a scratch off would be kind of cool. I searched scratch off valentines and found some GREAT easy print offs at I used their print outs found here. I printed off 120 total valentines.


I gave my kids pens and let them go to town filling in the hearts and stars with sweet, funny, sometimes potty humor, little love notes.

Some of my personal favorites were:

I’m so jelly for your peanut butter.

Can I get some fries to go with that shake.

One direction is the only direction. (wow. That was deep. ha ha)

Even though you fart, you steal my heart. (remember I did warm you about the potty humor)

We had a TON of fun laughing at what each one was writing and one kid trying to out do the other one. ( with six comic geniuses, things can get rowdy…prepare yourself)

 Next, I decided cutting out 360 perfect hearts and stars was just too much work. I’m all in for the fun. The work part of these suckers needed to be revamped. I decided to lay the entire front of the card on the contact paper and then just cut them out. (SAVES TONS OF TIME)


After they were all cut out of the contact paper, I mixed 1 part of dish soap to 2 parts craft paint. We just used paint brushes and painted over the hearts and stars. (yep, I’m a genius)



Using a glue dot just adhere a penny to the side of the card and voila…custom valentines for your special someones and fun memories made with YOUR special little ones.


Time flies WAY too fast. Take time to do the “little extra” things in life with your loved ones.  It’s our job to create memories that will last them a lifetime…BEST job on earth!